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a. Exacerbated Cultural Bias

After the pandemic started, Asian hate crime rose by 21% in the UK and Asian immigrants and workers all over the world have taken on the biggest hit, as xenophobia has led to avoidance and alienation of their businesses. The long-term consequences of the economic recession affect not just Asian immigrants but all vulnerable minorities. With the combination of the United States’ current anti-racist revolution on the rise, the conversation around the already existing politics of the food industry is starting to be highlighted.

René Redzepi, a Danish chef said, “from family and fealty, feudalism to…


After finishing up the co-design session, I was struggling to grasp the idea of what an “artifact” is. I kept thinking it had to be an installation of an art piece because I made the distinction of “functional” and “non-functional” with design and art. I realize that this binary conception has made a huge limitation for me. I could go on and on about this trail, but to be concise, Ella and Tara’s tutorials and exercises have helped a lot. I forced myself into what I want my artifact to feel like during this lecture, which was surprisingly very nationalistic…

Understanding Speculative Design

In hindsight, ‘speculative design’ was particularly hard for me to grasp because I wasn’t in the physical classroom where we could act out speculative methods. I didn’t understand why we would design for something that wasn’t a reality. I kept wanting to think that this fantastical mindset was art, not design. I still believe that speculative design is less functional and more storytelling, but now I see the value in that. Not all design has to have monetary potential. I also saw the connection of plurality and speculative design in this quote:

“We live in a different world now, but…

Historical Context

To study the historical context of how this term came about, I focused on 사대교린 (sadaegyorin) which was an ancient alliance with China. From 770BC, Asian diplomatic order had been upheld by sadaegyorin. This alliance shows how Korea has accepted toadyism towards a stronger country for a long time. More specifically, during the Proto-three Kingdoms era (57BC till 668AD), we’ve had alliances with the Myong Dynasty, the Manchurians, Ryukyus, and Japan (shown in the figure on the left). It was meant to be a positive affirmative mutual coexistence, validated by annual bribes to make sure the alliance was still strong.

Double Diamond by Joey McAleese

In March 2020, our MA class was brought into Southwark Council’s building to be given four briefs for our unit — food security, loneliness, faith, and art. Joey McAleese, Pipi Yuan, Luya Shao, Binoli Shah, Tucker Wu, and I were assigned to the food security team as our previous work was relevant to the topic and I attribute this blog to my amazing team. The report from the 1996 World Food Summit states that food security “exists when all people, at all times, have physical and economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food to meet their dietary needs and…

Implications of the “male gaze” exemplified by “molka”, a controversial Korean phenomenon

In the last month, Jung Jun Young, a Korean pop star was investigated for filming and sharing videos, showing him having sex with several women. During the investigation, group chats were found, containing conversations about drugging and raping numerous women. They clearly knew that these actions were actionable, but they continued to make light of the situation. This is not the first time illegal filming was brought to attention in South Korea. Last year, a photo of a male model, secretly taken during a drawing class at Hongik University, was posted to an online community. In a couple of hours…

Rebecca Ghim

Social Innovator & Creative Changemaker

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